What is a distillate cartridge?

Not all vape cartridges are created equally. Forget all of the potential bans and vape illnesses that you’ve seen in the headlines. Even after you’ve found safe and reputable brands, there’s still plenty of information left to decipher before you choose a cartridge that’s right for you. While you’re selecting, cannabis distillate is something you’re assuredly going to come across. Here’s what you need to know about the most common cartridge filling in recreational cannabis.

Distillate is a type of cannabis concentrate and maybe the most versatile type. It’s often used as the base for cannabis edibles and vape cartridges because of its potency and purity. Distillate is one of the purest forms of concentrates as it’s been stripped of all lipids, fats, and any other plant material. All of the terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids are removed along with the plant material which leaves the purest form of the desired cannabinoid like THC, CBD, CBG, etc.

Distillate is created through a process called fractional distillation which removes all impurities through a multi-step purification process that essential oil and fragrance companies use to create tinctures and perfumes. Steam distillation is another common extraction technique used.

You can expect distillate to be a viscous liquid with a translucent golden – yellow color. It’s much runnier than many other types of concentrates like sugar wax or live resin, which is one reason it works so well for the tedious nature of filling up vape carts. If you’re dabbing distillate, you’re better off squeezing some out right on to the nail because it will run right off a dab tool before your timer hits zero.

Many distillate cartridges don’t only contain distillate. Many times they’re also reintroduced with strain-specific terpenes because distillate by itself doesn’t have the pleasant aromas and flavors you associate with cannabis. Many times terpenes are distilled with steam and reintroduced to give users the flavor and smells with incredible potency. These factors together are what make vape pen’s small controlled doses surprisingly potent.

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