Now accepting new Medical and Medical EPC patients

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Visit Spark Dispensary and ask a manager about becoming a Medical or Medical EPC patient. We’ll provide some paperwork and guidance to get you on your way. Need a referral to a physician? See our MMJ Card post for a list of resources. In addition to lower taxes, many of the brands available on the […..]

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What is a distillate cartridge?

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Not all vape cartridges are created equally. Forget all of the potential bans and vape illnesses that you’ve seen in the headlines. Even after you’ve found safe and reputable brands, there’s still plenty of information left to decipher before you choose a cartridge that’s right for you. While you’re selecting, cannabis distillate is something you’re […..]

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COVID-19 Precautions

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The health of our customers, staff and community is our highest priority. We are taking the following steps to keep you safe: Pre-ordering online is highly recommended to limit time in store We’ve implemented the use of gloves, face masks, hand sanitizer, and rigorous cleaning practices PLEASE – if you are not feeling well, do […..]

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Cannabis 101

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There is enough cannabis terminology to fill an A-Z glossary… and maybe we will create one! In the meantime, here are just a few key terms about the plant that will help you be a more informed consumer. Genetic Categories There are two main types of cannabis – sativa and indica – and a combination […..]

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Get Your MMJ Card

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Come and meet our team of grow and industry experts who are here to serve your needs. Take advantage of our preferred physicians who can answer your questions and help you take steps to obtaining your own medical marijuana card. Preferred Physicians Canna Health Clinic – (720) 882-5521 65 W. Alameda Ave., Denver, CO 80223 […..]

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